The Generational Wealth Waterfall (Ep 43)

The generational wealth you can create with Private Banking Strategies® is astounding. In past podcasts, we’ve explained the power of compounding interest and why Albert Einstein called it the “eighth wonder of the world.”

In this episode, we dive into an illustration that shows you the power of Private Banking Strategies® to create generational wealth and pass great wealth from parents to children, from children to grandchildren, and so on – all tax-free. Learn how you can create a structure that secures your family legacy without working any harder. In this illustration, a minimal amount of $2,000 is put to work for 22 years creating a multi-million-dollar cash value for retirement along with a multi-million-dollar legacy to the next generation – See the power of compounding interest at work! 

(Take a look at the Resource below entitled “The Generational Wealth Waterfall Numbers” to track numbers as we discuss this illustration)

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • Details surrounding how to create and implement your own generational waterfall
  • Vance’s personal experience implementing this strategy
  • Why the Rockefellers placed so much importance on keeping money in the family
  • And more


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