Episode 10 – Can You Retire Financially Free and Independently Wealthy Simply by Self-Financing Your Automobiles? Twin Sisters Part 1

People quizzically nod when told they can retire financially free just by financing their automobiles through their own bank.  But when the light bulb actually comes on, they are chomping at the bit to start this strategy NOW!  Anyone who buys an automobile will want to use Private Banking Strategies to get a guaranteed tax-free return that blossoms into a mind-blowing rock-solid nest egg.

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies share how two sisters financed identical vehicles with two different strategies: one by saving up in a CD; and the other by funding her own private bank.  Follow this long-term plan to see how using these two seemingly similar methods of financing automobiles yielded drastically different results – one which left the “CD sister” without enough money when she needed it most and the other “Private Banking Strategy sister” who had more than enough when she needed it.  The difference is astounding – not knowing how you will make it in your ladder years vs. financial security and peace of mind to know you will always have enough… with plenty left over for your heirs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The great difference between each sister’s strategy despite the fact that they both put the same amounts to work in their respective strategies
  • Why the results were so drastically different
  • How to stop the slave cycle of burning cash and get the tailwind of Private Banking Strategies to lock in your own financial freedom and wealth creation
  • How you can structure your own Private Banking Strategy 
  • And much more

Tune in to discover how to secure your financial freedom through simple auto financing!

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