13. Can Your Business cash flow catapult you personally into financial freedom? Paul Bunyan Part 2

Business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs – understand that there is a better way to finance your businesses and investments while creating an incomparable retirement plan at the same time.  In this episode, we pick up the story where we left off and illustrate how Paul Bunyan put his business cash flow to work – and he did not work any harder or have to earn more money – he just changed how the money flowed.  

Paul stopped driving into the headwind created by using a traditional bank for financing and started experiencing the tailwind of using his own family bank to finance his business.  This simple change allowed him to take complete financial control of his business and create an unparalleled risk-free retirement strategy at the same time.  

You can get the same “tailwind” behind you creating momentum into financial freedom with less capital than you think.  Paul Bunyan started out with relatively little.  He used the velocity of money to create multiple touches on the same dollar allowing him to capture the power of Private Banking Strategies instead of giving that power away to the banks in traditional financing.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies share: 

  • How you can use your money more than once when you finance or invest through your own family bank
  • Why this powerful tool of getting multiple touches on the same dollar over and over again is the only way to finance your business or invest in other assets
  • Why there is no other asset or investment out there that can provide the same guaranteed risk-free returns
  • Why it’s important that you start today no matter what your age is 
  • And more…


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