11. Can You Retire Financially Free and Independently Wealthy simply by self-financing your automobiles? Twin Sisters Part 2

Most people think that paying cash or using 0% auto financing is the best you can do when purchasing a car. Not So!  You can finance your vehicles on your own terms, through your own bank – and best of all – create a rock-solid retirement plan in the same stroke.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies pick up right where they left off in the previous episode and proceed to dissect the two twin sisters’ drastically different outcomes achieved when they “self-financed” their identical automobiles. They share with you the bigger picture of how different these sisters’ retirement nest eggs came out from using their different approaches: one sister came away with a $250K nest egg which gave her $50K a year for 5 years at retirement age while the other sister came away with a $1 Million dollar nest egg and $50K a year for the rest of her life in retirement income – oh yeah, and a $1.4 Million dollar inheritance in legacy value to her heirs.  

Learn how simple auto financing can evolve into a retirement plan that blows your mind! 

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • Reversing the outflow of money to cash “inflow” – getting multiple touches on the same dollar 
  • Using the velocity of money to generate uninterrupted compounding interest – tax free! 
  • Learn how the compounding nature of a Private Banking Strategy gives you the lift and momentum to carry you through retirement with financial security and peace of mind
  • How the Private Banking Strategies sister became financially free and independently wealthy without working harder or earning more.
  • And more…


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