14. Can Your Business cash flow catapult you personally into financial freedom? Paul Bunyan Part 3

Paul Bunyan put his business cash flow to work – he didn’t work harder or earn more from his business – he just changed how the money flowed.  He only made one simple change to unlock this goldmine: Instead of using traditional financing companies (3rd party lenders), he started his own family bank and financed his business through his own bank.  What ensued was nothing short of astounding.  With only an initial 40K investment he created a retirement goldmine which allowed him a 500K personal distribution per year tax free throughout all his retirement years with no risk of ever running out of money.  And he left over a 5-Million-dollar legacy to his heirs – all tax free

This secret retirement goldmine is not exclusively for the rich and famous.  Paul Bunyan started out with relatively little.  He simply changed who financed his business necessities.  Instead of allowing traditional banks to make all the money off him and his business, he created his own family bank and financed his business through it.  With that simple change, he was able to create the “velocity of money” and became financially free in just a few short years.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies share: 

  • How quickly Paul’s wealth increased when he began to finance his business through his own family bank
  • How quickly Paul needed to expand the size of his family bank just by getting multiple touches on the same dollar and riding the “velocity of money.” 
  • Why there is no other asset or investment out there that can provide the same guaranteed returns
  • Why you need to get your money working inside your own family bank rather than giving its’ power to traditional banks
  • And more…


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