15. Protecting Your Assets in the “Vault” of Private Banking Strategies®

“It’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep that counts.” 

And what you keep entirely depends on having an asset protection plan in place. 

Having an asset protection plan in place is a necessity for those who have cash, real estate, a business or any other asset worth protecting. Fact is, if you have anything of value, you are a target in today’s society! 

… A target for the taxman, aggressive plaintiff’s attorneys, creditors, and thieves…your assets are attractive simply because you have something to take. 

If you have ever been sued or had your bank accounts frozen and sucked dry right before your very eyes, then you know how it can destroy not only your finances, but also your family.  It can rock you emotionally — destroy your confidence, your ability to function or make any money at all to just survive. 

Which is why asset protection is the number one pillar of Private Banking Strategies®. Our clients range from high-net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, to successful family-owned businesses …but they all have one thing in common – they want to legally keep what they’ve earned out of the reach of others who want to take it! 

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. share: 

  • How to create an impenetrable private cash “Vault” of protection with Private Banking Strategies®
  • Why Asset protection is the first pillar of the Private Banking Strategies® 
  • Why your bank deposits in a branch bank are not safe (see the Dodd Frank Act)
  • Why FDIC insurance is not all that it is cracked up to be! …don’t be one of those who get side-swiped
  • How to get tax freedom with complete liquidity in your asset-protected vault 
  • And more…


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