How Private Banking Strategies® Can Achieve Your Asset Protection Goals (Ep. 26)

In order to keep what you make; you need to implement Asset Protection strategies. To see different wealth results, you must do something differently than you are currently doing. Taking time to learn how money works, how money grows and how money is protected, will completely change your wealth and your family legacy.  In this episode, we reveal how to keep your assets protected while utilizing the velocity of money to grow family wealth exponentially. 

And we build upon the conversation in Episode 25 – “Is Your Cash Protected in a Normal Bank Account?” by discussing how to achieve asset protection with Private Banking Strategies®.  We get into real life examples and illustrations with cash, real estate, investments, and other business assets and show you how easy it is to achieve financial freedom and independence.

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • Examples of how the Private Banking Strategies® work in different situations no matter where you are financially 
  • How Real Estate and Private Banking Strategies® work together 
  • How you can set up Private Banking Strategies® and reap the benefits of the velocity of money on your real estate, your business, and your investment assets
  • And more


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