18. If I dump my 401K, IRA, or other government qualified plan, where do I place my retirement money? Let us show you…

You don’t have to play in a retirement sandbox where all the rules are stacked against you, where the government controls all the toys in the sandbox, and where ultimately, it’s “tails you lose and heads they win,”. 

There is a far better solution to the 401K, IRA or other government sponsored retirement plan. We’re talking about a solution that provides complete liquidity, no taxation, total access, and complete control of your retirement money through a carefully structured high cash value whole life insurance contract. 

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. explain the use of this superior alternative to your 401(k), IRA, or Roth for the most efficient way to beat the bank, increase your wealth and rest securely knowing your retirement nest egg is safe, secure, and predictable. 

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • Using your own Private Banking Strategy to take advantage of investment opportunities in real estate or business 
  • How to multiply your stored wealth to grow and compound that wealth in a tax advantage strategy with financial privacy and complete control of your money 
  • How you can capitalize on any opportunity with this strategy
  • How to get multiple touches on the same dollar and put your cash flow to work for your in a leveraged return
  • What it looks like to withdraw money out of your private banking strategy 
  • How to amplify the “velocity of money” by capturing your investment cashflow back into your family bank for multiplied returns 
  • And more 


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