19. Congress is Coming for Your Retirement Money

7 trillion dollars of baby-boomers’ cash assets in qualified government sponsored retirement plans are in the crosshairs for the taking. Via the Secure Act, congress has increased the taxation of qualified plans and will continue to move the goalposts in their favor and to your detriment. They’ve set us up for decades, giving incentives to put as much money as you can into retirement accounts and giving employers incentives to match …But now they’re putting the screws to us. It is a well-planned confiscation of what you thought was “your” retirement money.  

Regardless of self-serving increased government taxation, you don’t have to sit by and take it. And you don’t have to have your legacy wealth stripped from you and your heirs. You have the power to take back control of your retirement wealth by utilizing a totally different weapon…Private Banking Strategies.

In this episode of Private Banking Strategies Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. discuss how and why congress is coming for your retirement money and how they have the answer to help you take control of your retirement and financial independence. 

Vance and Seth discuss:  

  • Understanding why these qualified accounts are not yours
  • ERISA plans are actually owned and controlled by the government 
  • Why the government is targeting $7 trillion dollars in baby boomers’ savings…
  • Why congress needs immediate access to your nest egg…
  • And how your retirement in qualified plans is going to be taken…
  • Secret solutions to protect yourself and your family 
  • How to create retirement wealth that is asset protected in a “fortress” 
  • How to create legacy value that can’t be taken
  • And more…


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