How do you plan for a Windfall so that you can keep it under your control? Part 1 (Ep. 23)

When windfall income is planned properly, you can bank it in a safe way so that it never leaves your control again.  

Private Banking Strategies can help you keep what you earn and grow tax free in an asset protected vault.  Let us show you how to bank large windfalls in a safe strategy that the ultra-wealthy have been using for decades.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. lay the foundation for how you should think through a windfall in your life, such as the liquidation of cryptocurrency, the sale of a business, or when you are left an inheritance or earn a large bonus. They discuss how to set up safe strategies to manage windfalls outside of the control of third parties.

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • How to create a windfall strategy and integrate profits with private banking
  • How you can take advantage of IRC 7702 and achieve financial privacy through Private Banking Strategies
  • How to utilize your centralized bank accounts for your convenience but not long-term storage of wealth
  • And more


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