Can the Equity in Your Home Help You Grow Rich? Part 2 (Ep 22)

Do you stress out seeing your hard-earned money disappear each month as you pay your debts and expenses? What if you owned the bank that all your payments went to?  Sounds too good to be true, right?  It isn’t! 

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. sit down for the second part of “Can the Equity in Your Home help you Grow Rich?” They drill down and analyze the finances of an actual client to illustrate how easy it is to use equity in your home to get completely out of debt and ultimately pay off a home mortgage in less than six years! They also discuss how recasting your mortgage works (not refinancing) and demonstrate how easily you can turn your debt into an asset using your own private bank. 

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • How creating your own private bank can empower you to re-capture all the monthly payments you make
  • How you can eliminate debt and turn it into an asset with your private bank in the long run
  • What the difference is between recasting and refinancing your mortgage  
  • How to find money to start your private bank 
  • How you can start self-banking even when you don’t think you can
  • And more…


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