Strategies for Managing a Financial Windfall – Part 1 (Ep. 69)

When properly planned, a windfall can be secured in a way that ensures it stays under your control indefinitely.

Private Banking Strategies can assist you in preserving your earnings and growing them tax-free within a protected structure. Let us demonstrate how you can safeguard substantial windfalls with a strategy that has been favored by the ultra-wealthy for decades.

In this episode, Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq., explain how to approach a windfall, whether it’s from cashing out cryptocurrency, selling a business, receiving an inheritance, or earning a significant bonus. They detail how to establish safe strategies to manage windfalls, keeping them outside the reach of third parties.

Vance and Seth discuss:

  • Building a windfall strategy that incorporates private banking principles
  • Leveraging IRC 7702 to gain financial privacy with Private Banking Strategies
  • Using traditional bank accounts for convenience without storing substantial wealth there long-term
  • And more

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