It’s Time to Dump Your 401K (Ep. 66)

Many employed individuals engage in conventional government-sponsored retirement programs like 401(k)s, IRAs, or 403(b)s without fully understanding how detrimental they really are to you – the contributor! 

The harsh truth is that you can’t access your money when you want to or need to, you are subject to heavy penalties if you access your money at the wrong time, and you can’t control what the taxation of your account will be in the future.   Let’s talk about a better way to create your nest egg!

Vance and Seth discuss:

  • Why the 401(k) money you saved is NOT your money
  • You have no control over your 401(k) money when you need it most
  • You have no way to predict what will be in your 401(k) when you retire
  • The three primary reasons why your 401(k) is a ticking time bomb
  • And more…

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