Precious Metals in an Inflationary Culture with Guest Andy Schectman Pt. 2 (Ep 29)

Learn how to develop a rock-solid plan to keep your wealth safe in an inflationary economic period. After 30 plus years of purchasing precious metals every other week, and over 7 billion in precious metals transactions for clients, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, explains how you can develop a strategy to accumulate and protect your wealth.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. complete the two-part series with guest Andy Schectman, building off of the foundation laid in part one. They discuss how buying precious metals fits into a private banking strategy with financial privacy and security.  Andy is a US Mint authorized reseller who brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge to our podcast. 

Andy, Vance, and Seth discuss: 

  •  The most practical precious metal to have when you need to use it
  • The types of metals to buy and in what quantities
  •  The truth about counterfeiting gold and silver in the US
  •  How much precious metal in your portfolio is enough
  • And more


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