Precious Metals in an Inflationary Culture with Guest Andy Schectman Pt. 1. (Ep 28)

It’s no secret that inflation over the past few years has been increasing at a baffling rate. The cost of things like food, gas and real estate have skyrocketed. This leaves many with the question of where to put your money to be safe and not lose purchasing power during this inflationary period.

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. have guest Andy Schectman, President of Miles Franklin, answering this very question. They discuss the difference between making an investment and buying wealth, the current inflationary climate, and where the US dollar is headed.

Andy, Vance, and Seth discuss: 

  • The current Federal reserve policy regarding money 
  • The inflationary effect caused from the printing of money
  • The potential devaluation of the US dollar 
  • Andy’s predictions of the timeframes surrounding the inflationary effect and devaluation of the US dollar
  • Why we need precious metals as a part of your private banking portfolio
  • And more…

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