Episode 8 – Breaking Free from the Herd Mentality: Susie Q Part 1

The first thing we must understand is that most people suffer from the “herd mentality” and have been brainwashed to think they have to use branch banks to store their cash. 

When you do things with the herd you remain a slave to the system and generally end up getting slaughtered. What if there was a better way? Well, there is…

Private Banking Strategies uses a 200-year-old “secret” contract to take the banking equation back into your life so that you can make the money that banks have been making off you.  You can implement the principles of “velocity of money” and tax-free growth to get the lift and tailwind which accelerate you into financial freedom faster than you ever imagined.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. of Private Banking Strategies share a client story of how a typical family could not see themselves ever getting out of debt. Suzie Q was in a world of hurt following the herd mentality until she discovered she could do something different.  Private Banking Strategies set up an eight-year plan showing her step by step how to get out of debt and into the win column. Not only did Suzie Q break free but she was able to help the rest of her family break free from the herd mentality as well – and her father was the president of a branch bank!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Suzie Q broke free from the ‘herd mentality’ and into financial freedom
  • How you can take back the banking equation in your life and start to reap the rewards of multiple touches on the same dollar
  • How Susie Q didn’t have to work harder or earn more money – all she had to do was put her money to work for herself in her own Private Banking Strategy, capture the velocity of money, and follow the eight-year road map laid out for her.
  • How you can put these same principles to work without working harder or earning more! 
  • And much more…

Tune in to find out how to break free from the ‘herd mentality’ and find your way into financial freedom!

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