How to Protect Yourself from Bank Failures and Bail Ins (Ep 45)

We’ve been preparing you for this type of event for years, sharing our Private Banking Strategies® with you so you can protect yourself from bank failures and bail-ins.  The second largest bank failure in US history just occurred.  Silicon Valley Bank went under, and the common man was the last to know while bank executives and large institutional investors got out fast before everyone else.  

In this episode Vance Lowe and Seth Hicks, Esq. explore the cause of the Silicon Valley Bank failure. They explain why the inflationary printing of money, and the fractionalized lending of centralized banks are doomed to fail – and take all of those who trust in these systems down as well.   

Vance and Seth discuss: 

  • One simple way you can protect yourself and your money
  • Why this event should be a wake-up call for Americans to protect themselves
  • Why Private Banking Strategies® is the safest place to put your cash
  • And more


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